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Why Choose Solar Construction?

Solar Construction, LLC, is build under our foundation of both quality services and innovative solar energy solutions. We are the leaders in Solar in all of Florida with more than 10+ years of experience. We thrive in providing efficient alternative energy solutions design to help you save thousands of dollars!

Why Go Solar?

FPL Bills Increase Every Year
In Florida An Average Household Spends Between $150 - $200 In Electric Bill
Solar Energy Can Help You Lower Monthly Electric Bill By 75% On A Flat Fee
Going Solar Increases Your Property Value Up To $6,000 Per Watt Cover
100% Financed
$0 Upfront Cost
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  • Install Solar Panel for Electric System
    Every thing went great.

    Tania P.
  • Install a Solar Water Heater System
    Very professional, presentation was outstanding, I was overall very pleased.

    Isabel B.
  • Install a Solar Water Heater System
    They do a very good jjob.

    Leduan F.